Is Employee Engagement A Problem?

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2 Responses

  1. dougshaw says:

    Hi Melissa, sorry I’m a bit late to this. It’s an interesting post – I think the concept of employee engagement is so poorly defined that it means very little to people beyond HR, and it doesn’t always mean a whole lot to HR either!

    I’ve written on this subject a lot, the UK has burned a huge amount of time and effort jaw jawing about this stuff. In researching the last piece I wrote, a couple of things stuck for me. 79% of people at work hadn’t heard of the term employee engagement, and one of the co chairs of the employee engagement task force in the UK can’t even describe what ‘it’ is. Here’s link to the piece I’m referencing, in case you and your readers fancy a look.

    I agree with you – and the last two sentences in your post work very well for me.

    Cheers – Doug